The Voyage LA 2019

Write up

“I’m as passionate about your music as you are.” Thats my catchphrase and I really stick by it. I have been produced by music producers in London, Italy, and Los Angeles and have learned through their mistakes. At my core, I am an artist myself, so I understand what the artists’ needs are. My expertise as an instrumentalist, audio engineer and music producer gives me the edge I need to create great music on any project.

Chase Bell Music produces and writes for artists in all genres of music. I also compose for commercials, tv, and film putting great music behind a scene. I’m dedicated to the craft of making the music our hearts want to hear. I am very proud of the fact that the music that I have written, produced, and mixed has been heard on Tv shows like Lucifer and has won the Telly and Aurora awards for some work on PSA’s.